Friday, 15 January 2016

A Kiwi civic nationalism

Elsewhere on the internet I've been accused of advocating "cultural Marxism" when it comes to my views on changing the New Zealand flag or a republic, all the usual nonsense. I'm not going to link to the blog in question, and I wouldn't normally dignify anonymous diatribes with a response, but it's worthwhile in this instance to set the record straight.

I'm for civic nationalism, that is nationalism that advocates freedom, tolerance, equality and rights of the individual. Civic nationalism contrasts with ethnic or cultural nationalism. Civic nationalism pre-dates Marxism, and goes back to the Enlightenment. The accusation is puerile and irrelevant.

I'm for changing New Zealand's flag because our flag ought to be made up of symbols that include all New Zealanders. It should be inclusive. Our current flag clearly is the product of ethnic, if not cultural nationalism - a nationalism for Britain and its Empire. That may have once been the basis of the New Zealand state, and the instigator of it. But states, like societies and humans themselves evolve.

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