Monday, 13 July 2015


For my generation and many others, housing affordability is a major issue. It's an issue that is multi-faceted and like anything, no one change can bring the market more into line with people's ability to buy a home. As someone who believes in a property owning democracy I see it as vital to the functioning of our system of government that we all have a tūrangawaewae- a place to stand.

I'm genuinely frustrated by the oppositions' attempt to reduce this issue to the foreign buyers facet, as if a ban on foreign buyers is all that's needed to fix the problem. Putting aside how difficult it will be to enforce such a ban (just look at New South Wales experience) it's the easy way out. And I really do wonder if Labour would be pushing for the ban if data from 2013 (showing that possibly the greatest number of foreign buyers are from the UK) is correct.