Saturday, 18 April 2015

Crunch time for CIT

The Dominion Post reports that the end date for tenders on the old CIT is 12 May. I understand there are a number of very different proposals in the pipeline, and it will be interesting to see what comes to pass.

I hope that we see some of the interested parties working together for the best outcome. CIT has a lot of empty land (9.7 hectares) around it that might be able to be used for housing development, while the buildings themselves are retained.

The article itself mentions either retirement villages, a growth area with New Zealand's ageing population, or - disturbingly - "national retail brands" which they say represents an "excellent opportunity" for a "bulk retail development." This appears to be a suggestion for turning some of CIT into retail, an idea which I wouldn't support.

My view remains the same that the best thing for Upper Hutt, given the growth in investment in innovation through the likes of Callaghan Innovation, would be for the CIT campus to become a technology park.

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