Thursday, 4 December 2014

Amalgamation: report has landed, get your submissions in!

The Local Government Commission has reported back with its draft proposal for local government in Wellington (useful factsheet here).

Unsurprisingly they've proposed a "super-city" super council for the whole of the current Wellington Region, replacing the Masterton, Carterton, South Wairarapa, Upper Hutt, Hutt City, Kapiti District, Porirua, Wellington City and Wellington Regional councils with a single unitary body.

This body will consist of 21 councillors from across the region. Local Boards, as in Auckland, form part of the "Greater Wellington Council". They are "integrated" with and "work alongside" the governing body.

I am not in favour of a Wellington region super-city. As I said yesterday I think the case for one is weak, and the challenges Wellington faces as a region can be resolved through cross-council organisations.

The next step will be the commission taking submissions - more details on how you can make a submission are below. After that, the hearings on the proposal, the Commission will decide whether to issue a final proposal. If the Commission issues a final proposal, the region can demand a poll. A poll will be held if ten percent of electors in any affected council area sign a petition. The signatures must be gathered within sixty working days of the release of the final proposal. The poll would be held across the entire Wellington region and is binding.

You can make a submission by downloading the form here (Word document), and send it to:

or posted to:

Local Government Commission,
PO Box 5362 ,
Wellington 6145.

Submissions close 4pm Monday 2 March 2015, so get yours in now!

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