Friday, 14 November 2014

Smart meters essential for a smart grid and smarter economy

The media create certain stereotypes about each political party. There is a stereotype - albeit largely untrue - that the Greens are tin-foil hat wearers. This is why the Greens' remain stuck on the c. 11% party vote mark. Like most stereotypes there's an element of truth to it, which the media are always on the look out to validate whenever they can.

The recent actions of current Green MP Steffan Browning signing a petition on using homeopathy as a cure for Ebola and this article by former Green MP Sue Kedgley only reenforce this stereotype. I'm sure Russel Norman is fuming.

I won't go into the detail of what Sue has said and why it's wrong (just read the comments). It's worth stating though that not only are smart meters required for there to be a smart grid (something we need for solar energy generation, because it's distributed), they're also critical to building a smarter economy. You know, the one the Greens like to talk about.

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