Thursday, 20 November 2014

SH58: another upgrade needed.

I'm very pleased to see in the Upper Hutt Leader that SH58 (Hayward's Hill Rd) is to get a $30m upgrade. This is a dangerous road that needs to be upgraded.

 However, it would have been better if NZTA accept that SH58 will become the Hutt Valley's major link to Transmission Gully, when it is due for completion in 2020.

This will be because the proposed Petone-Grenada link won't be completed (even if construction were to start next year) until at least three years after Transmission Gully is completed. If they did then they would need to start planning to make sure that there is another upgrade in the pipeline for SH58 to handle this traffic.

This would include the long proposed grade-separated interchange at Manor Park between SH2 and SH58.

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