Thursday, 2 October 2014

Mike Lee on the election result

Mike Lee is a former Auckland Regional Council chairman and currently a councillor on the Auckland Council. Lee was formerly a member of the Alliance Party (remember them?) and is reliably left-leaning. His analysis of Labour's election defeat is the most cogent I've seen - rather than simply blaming the electorate, or calling them stupid, Lee's blog clearly spells out a number of areas where Labour and its policies fall short. He certainly pulls no punches, opening with this comment:
The National propaganda theme of the hapless red and green characters floundering around in a rowboat – all at sea – was not too far off the truth.
Lee takes aim at Labour's policy of increasing the retirement age:
Another reason why core Labour voters voted National, in my opinion is so obvious that I fear it probably doesn’t even register with Labour’s policy makers. Labour’s policy of retrenching national superannuation entitlements from age 65 to 67, was a direct attack on the social entitlement of working people – what used to be called social security.

He continues:
Plainly, most Labour MPs and officials, have very little meaningful contact with manual workers. The people who work on the roads in all weathers, on building sites, cleaning offices and factories at night and driving heavy trucks. These people tend to be physically worn out by the time they reach the age of 65.  Work for them is bloody hard. Labour’s policy makers obviously don’t understand that fact.
 Salient points.

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