Sunday, 21 September 2014

The result

My sincere thanks to everyone who helped on our campaign for Rimutaka. Sadly, it wasn't to be on the electorate vote, but National did win the party vote once again, with 42% of the total votes cast.

Election Results -- Rimutaka

Electorate Number:44Final:Yes
Results Counted:58 of 58 (100.0%) Votes Counted:33,067
Less than 6 votes taken in Voting Places:0Special Votes:3,988
Leading Candidate:HIPKINS, Chris (LAB)Majority:5,831
Labour Party10,631HIPKINS, ChrisLAB17,333
National Party13,895HOLDEN, LewisNAT11,502
New Zealand First Party3,426HUNT, AaronNZF1,601
Conservative1,381LYNCH, Philip MichaelCNSP886
Green Party2,693RUTHVEN, SusanneGP1,437
ACT New Zealand115
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party145
Democrats for Social Credit12
Focus New Zealand4
Internet MANA249
Māori Party128
NZ Independent Coalition18
The Civilian Party18
United Future110
Party Informals159Candidate Informals308

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