Sunday, 14 September 2014

Ambitious for New Zealand

National has always been ambitious for New Zealanders and confident about what we can achieve at home and on the world stage.
Come Saturday, New Zealand voters have an opportunity to build on the significant gains this country has made under National over the past six years, and keep heading in the right direction.
We are a Government with a track record of delivering for New Zealanders.
When we were first elected in 2008, New Zealand had been in recession for almost a year – well before the global financial crisis – and the Government faced never-ending deficits and debt rising into the future. Two years later, Christchurch was rocked by the first devastating earthquake.
Over the past six years, the John Key-led Government has earned the trust of New Zealanders by being clear about our plan for turning things around and delivering on our promises.
We supported the most vulnerable through the recession and set a path back to surplus this year.
We are helping New Zealand businesses become more competitive so they can create more jobs and lift incomes.
We are delivering better public services – educational achievement is rising, more New Zealanders are moving from welfare and into work, and the crime rate is the lowest for 35 years.
And we are continuing to help the people of Christchurch to rebuild their lives.
The next steps in our plan will work to lock in the gains of the last six years to create a long-term lift in New Zealand’s prosperity.
We will keep government spending under control, stay in surplus, and start reducing debt.
We will keep encouraging the investment and enterprise needed to create new jobs and increase incomes.
We will focus on rewarding New Zealanders’ hard work. We’ll do that by further reducing government ACC levies – the equivalent of a tax cut for households and businesses, and by reducing income taxes for lower and middle income earners in 2017, should fiscal conditions allow.
We will work for Kiwi families by investing in teacher quality, free doctors’ visits for under-13s, extending paid parental leave, and helping more Kiwis into their first home.
And we will work for local communities by continuing to support more Kiwis from welfare to work, shorten hospital waiting times, reduce crime, and invest in better roads, broadband, and public transport.
The alternative is changing course with risky, unproven policies that would stall the economy through five new taxes and more wasteful government spending.
This election the choice is stark. Your party vote for National will help keep New Zealand on the path to prosperity. A vote for any other party is a vote to take us in a different direction.
This Saturday, please give your party vote to National.

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