Sunday, 3 August 2014

Transport: an interchange at Manor Park

SH58 in the Wellington Region.
With the campaign ramping up, we're knocking on as many doors in Rimutaka as possible. This weekend the team went to Manor Park.

One major issue that came up repeatedly was the interchange with SH2 and SH58 at Manor Park. Local residents can't get into the traffic when it's stopped at the lights or when cars and trucks and flying past at 100km/h.

The logical solution to this would be to make Manor Park an interchange, along the lines of the one NZTA has built at Korokoro. This was proposed back in 2007 but never funded.

As Rimutaka's MP I will advocate strongly for this project to proceed. I've previously outlined my view that Hayward's Hill Road (SH58) should be upgraded as a result of Transmission Gully going ahead - it makes sense in that case to build a proper interchange with SH2.

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