Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The other Lewis Holden

Hat tip Chris Bishop, candidate for Hutt South
The Dominion Post reported this morning that I was looking into buying back the Dominion Museum for Minister Chris Finlayson!

Joking aside, as David Farrar pointed out the other day, there are two Lewis Holdens - one is the CEO of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, the other is myself. It's pretty strange given that Lewis and Holden are hardly common names. Add to that the fact we live in Wellington.

I met the other Lewis Holden years ago when I worked as an energy analyst for the Ministry of Economic Development. Lewis Holden Snr was the deputy secretary of the ministry at the time, and our e-mail addresses and phone numbers were often confused. There's a few stories about this that I'll save for a later day.

The image has now been changed to the correct Lewis Holden.

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