Wednesday, 7 May 2014

"SH58 worth a look"

My letter from today's Leader
Investing in infrastructure is critical to economic development, growing businesses in the Hutt Valley and jobs. The Upper Hutt Leader has printed my letter on the issue of economic development and the importance of getting State Highway 58 (Hayward's Hill Road) upgraded sooner rather than later.

This is not an argument against the Petone-Grenada Link road, which is also important to the Hutt Valley. It's simply an argument that NZTA needs to upgrade SH58 now, before Transmission Gully is completed.

At the moment, NZTA is doing a basic safety upgrade of the road. This involves putting in more speed restrictions, more "cheese cutter" median strip barriers. While these things will help with the road's shocking safety record, they don't address the problem of increased traffic from 2020 when the Transmission Gully route for SH1 is completed.

The safety upgrades are just less than just tinkering. SH58 needs a proper upgrade, grade separation at Manor Park and straightening around the Mt Cecil area. It's an existing road that can be upgraded now.

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