Friday, 16 May 2014

SH58: time for an upgrade at Manor Park

Traffic on SH2 in Manor Park. Picture from the NZTA.
A crash yesterday at Manor Park highlights the need, once again, to upgrade the intersection of SH2 with SH58 at Manor Park. Thankfully there were no fatalities.

Consents for the upgrade date back to 2007. A grade separated interchange between SH58 and SH2 in the area, which would remove the traffic lights and the dangerous intersections and slip roads.

In December 2008 the NZTA board approved funding for design of the grade separation, at a cost of $1.89m. The whole project seems to be on ice though, with NZTA's own page on it noting that it has an estimated cost of between $20 - $100million (a massive difference in cost), but not giving any other details.

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