Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Amalgamation: who's driving it?

City of Upper Hutt's pre-1989 boundaries.
Who's driving amalgamation of Wellington's regional and local councils?

A letter to the editor in the Hutt News this week incorrectly states that the proposal before the Local Government Commission for a Wellington super city is a "National Party concept".

In fact, the application to the Local Government Commission for the creation of the super city was made by the Greater Wellington Regional Council, which is chaired by Fran Wilde, former Mayor of Wellington City and Labour MP for Wellington Central. Ms Wilde is closely supported by Nick Leggett, Porirua's Mayor, who is a member of the Labour Party.

On the other hand, Local Government minister Paula Bennett has stated that the government has no position on the super city, which more than likely will have to go to the vote. Personally, I am opposed to amalgamation of Wellington's councils. If there are efficiencies for ratepayers from amalgamating council services, then that is a much more sensible option.

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