Wednesday, 12 March 2014

SH58: NZTA responds

The grade separated intersection on the Dowse - Petone
road. From the NZTA.
Following on from my post the other day about another major accident at the Manor Park intersection with SH58, I e-mailed the NZTA about the grade separation project (i.e. building a roundabout similar to the one in Petone) for SH58/SH2, asking when or if the project is going to get underway, especially since the taxpayer had contributed $1.69m for the design phase of the upgraded intersection.

Here's their response:
The project is within our 10 year horizon but is most unlikely to be progressed in the first 3 years.
So basically, we're going to have to wait, unless someone really pushes for NZTA to start the work sooner.

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