Tuesday, 11 March 2014

SH58: grade separation with SH2 needed

Another accident causing major delays. From the DomPost.
Major delays on State Highway 2 at the end of February were the product of an accident at the intersection at Haywards Hill (SH58) and SH2 at Manor Park. They were another example of why SH58 needs to be upgraded first, before any other regional roading project goes ahead.

There is a proposal on this particular segment of road for "grade separation." Back in 2007 resource consents were issued to construct a grade separated interchange between SH58 and SH2 in the area, which would remove the traffic lights and the dangerous intersections and slip roads (for example, you can see a truck waiting to get out of Manor Park with one of the damaged vehicles - imagine trying to merge into that traffic when it's moving at 100km!).

In December 2008 the NZTA board approved funding for design of the grade separation, at a cost of $1.89m. The whole project seems to be on ice though, with NZTA's own page on it noting that it has an estimated cost of between $20 - $100million (a massive difference in cost), but not giving any other details.

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