Monday, 17 March 2014

Economic development: making better use of our online tools

N4L connected schools in Upper Hutt. See their map for more info.
The internet offers huge potential for Kiwi businesses to grow and add more well-paid, high-value jobs. Jordan Carter from Internet NZ writes in today's Dom Post that New Zealand isn't making the better use of online tools. We've had a major struggle on our hands with a divide growing between those who have access to the internet and those who don't. This divide is now being addressed:
This cluster of decile one schools in Auckland provides digital devices to every child, and community-enabled wi- fi into each home. Their results should send the Government racing to put digitally enabled learning at the centre of its education strategy. Manaiakalani children are achieving educational gains far in excess of those at even decile 10 schools that haven't moved with the times and adopted digital teaching.
The Network for Learning is a good example of an initiative by the government to bring high-speed broadband to schools. At the moment, 246 schools are connected to the managed network and 2,076 schools have registered their interest with N4L. As I mentioned the other day with the government's Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative, network connectivity is key to getting more New Zealanders online, and learning the tools for 21st century education and business.

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