Monday, 6 January 2014

Two surveys on democracy

The Electoral Commission released the results of a survey on why non-voters non-vote:
Non-voters said they had other commitments (14 percent), work (9 percent), could not be bothered (14 percent), could not decide who to vote for (11 percent), or felt their vote would not make a difference (8 percent).
The biggest influence on New Zealanders who did not vote was a distrust of politicians.
Distrust of politicians seems to be a familiar theme. However, one point caught me at the end of the article:
The survey was based on interviews with 1097 voters and 272 non-voters.
Now this doesn't invalidate the results of the survey, but it does perhaps point to an issue with getting hold of non-voters - the survey methodology was a random phone survey.

Another survey just published also caught my attention - a SayIt poll showing about three-quarters of respondents want the "one seat" rule under MMP gone.

Perhaps there's a link?

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