Wednesday, 4 December 2013

There's plenty of oxygen on the moon

Borrowed from the NZ Herald
Colin Craig's most recent comments about the moon landing has got plenty of headlines.

Which is exactly the point. Craig is getting plenty of media attention and, more importantly, the reportage is being read by his potential voters as some sort of anti-Colin Craig campaign.

This is exactly the same trick that Winston Peters used to pull. Winston used to run his lines on immigration, the media would respond in kind with accusations of racism, and talkback would run hot. The idea that a significant portion of the media are against you plays very well with a significant block of the electorate - I would wager, a significant enough proportion to propel you into parliament.

So as the Prime Minister has said, this is about Craig "winding up" the media, for publicity. In doing so he's kept Winston out of the media for the week.

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