Sunday, 24 November 2013

Colin or Winston?

Andrea Vance's interview with Colin Craig makes for fascinating reading. Main points of interest are:

  • Craig seems to be backing away from running in Upper Harbour, despite implying that he would on Thursday last week. It looks like Christine Rankin may now stand. Given that Paula Bennett is going to stand for National, that'll be one intriguing race to watch.
  • There's a lot of talk of Craig stealing NZ First's support base. Craig takes a swipe at Winston's age (probably not something that'll go down well with Winston's support base!).
  • The Conservatives do actually have some policies. Some are crazy (e.g. getting rid of all fluoride from water supply, presumably overruling local authorities) others sensible (e.g. a tax free threshold under $25k)
The big risk for National now is that the Conservatives and NZ First split the socially conservative, economically centrist vote between them and neither get back into Parliament. This is fairly easily solved though - by John Key stating for the third time* we can't work with Winston Peters, and that he can work with Colin Craig. 

*The truth is complete if only I've stated it thrice.

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