Thursday, 17 May 2012

Look who's back

A few years ago a blog called "Queen and Country" appeared, co-authored by a "Bill Wilmot" and Aidan Work. As you'd imagine its line was distinctly pro-monarchy, and strangely included pictures of the Queen supplied by the Monarchist League. It took a strange (almost creepy) interest in myself, although hilariously getting things wrong at the same time. I've suspected for a long time that "Bill Wilmot" is in fact Aidan Work by another name - his use of sock-puppets on Wikipedia (due to being banned for vandalising articles) with made-up names is well documented.

"Bill Wilmot" who has exactly the same spelling and writing capabilities of Aidan, claimed I worked firstly for the Ministry of Economic Development and was its deputy secretary (in fact there's two Lewis Holdens in the world, and we did in fact both work for the MED) and secondly (by snooping on my Facebook profile) that I worked for IBM, which according to some conspiracy theorists is responsible for the holocaust (in fact they just sold punch-card systems for the German census, there were about as morally responsible for the Nazis as Coca-Cola, which is not a lot).

One of the most unintentionally funny posts on Queen and Country was the foundation of the "Conservative Democratic Unionist Party of the Dominion of New Zealand." Bill/Aidan complained that the mainstream conservative parties in New Zealand were not conservative enough, and advocated such "conservative" policies as the death penalty for anyone in possession of drugs, banning the Maori Party (along with the National Front, for balance of course), repealing the Human Rights Act so anyone could freely criticise "homosexual propaganda". I'm not making this up.

So it's no surprise that Aidan has thrown his support behind the CCCP:

Of course, it's not fair to tar everyone in the CCCP as holding the same views as Aidan. It's just funny to me that he's jumped on the Conservative Party band-wagon because they have an "anti-apartheid & anti-republican" platform. I can't figure out where he's got this idea from, it's not stated in the party's policy platform that they oppose a New Zealand republic (in fact they support binding referendums). The only place they come close is in their principles statement, which mentions New Zealand's membership of the "British Commonwealth". That is clearly a mistake (sadly a common one) but hardly a statement of support for the monarchy, as the majority of members of the Commonwealth today are republics.

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