Sunday, 13 May 2012

The CCCP propaganda machine

As my two regular readers will know, I argued following last year's election that National needed to play the MMP game and talk to Colin Craig's Conservative Party (CCCP). After his latest outburst on gay marriage, I'm sure this strategy would work. Not because I agree for one minute with his views.

In a way, Craig's strategy is a good one. He's dog-whistling to all the homophobic, anti-feminist voters with his comments on gay marriage and promiscuous women. My hope is that Craig takes all the social conservative voters out of NZ First and National.

Of course I don't agree at all with Craig's views on either issue. And social issues are almost always matters of conscience. Hence they make little difference to creating governments, which stand or fall on confidence and supply. The CCCP propaganda machine has cranked up - the question now is whether it can carry Craig into a by-election, or last until the next general election.