Tuesday, 13 September 2011

RWC opening ceremony: whingers and colonial cringers

As expected, someone (John Galvin of Hamilton, city of the future) is having a whinge about the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony in today's New Zealand Herald:
"I was very disappointed with the opening ceremony. Not with its presentation, which was technologically brilliant, but with the content. Any overseas observer, whose knowlege of our history was limited, could be forgiven for thinking it and our heritage was predominantly Polynesian"
This is sadly typical colonial cringe spewed forth in certain quarters of New Zealand society. Looking at the opening ceremony footage, it's pretty clear to any overseas observer that New Zealand's heritage is European and Polynesian. For example:
  • The Orchestra - clearly European;
  • The bagpipes at the Auckland War Memorial Museum (a neo-classical design);
  • And, of course, the rugby itself, a European sport.
I suspect Mr Galvin is so blinded by his colonial cringe at the demonstration of the fact that New Zealand has Polynesian heritage to actually notice the European parts. That's usually the case with whingers of course.

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