Monday, 7 March 2011


It's been sadly fascinating to see the snipes and counter-snipes across the political divide following the Christchurch earthquake. If there's any sign of life returning to normal, it's the positions taken by both sides. Predictably, the left either want higher or special taxes to pay for the rebuilding, while many on the right want spending cuts and tax cuts to increase growth. Oh well. Thankfully we now have a service to look forward to on March 13th.

Good on Peter Dunne for making Wellington City Council release its list of "quake-risk" buildings. There's also a "quake-list" map knocking about. Kapiti, Porirua and the two Hutts should follow suit.

What impact will it have on the general election? My prediction is that the Government will move more to the right at the election; its privatisation program will be more generally accepted and there will be spending cuts; probably only to Working For Families though.

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