Thursday, 13 January 2011

Letters to the editor, ridicolous analogy edition

Here's a corker of a letter to the editor, from The Dominion Post:
Justice Minister Simon Power is refusing to assist the granting of compensation to David Bain (Editorial, Jan 4).

This from a Government that's throwing millions of our dollars to settle Treaty claims.
Where to start? Well, firstly, the Minister hasn't "refused" to assist giving David Bain taxpayer's money. He just said Bain would have to follow the normal process like, um, everyone else found not guilty of a crime. Bain's lawyer, Michael Reed QC, a man I will not express my personal opinions on lest I end up being sued for telling the truth, tried to short-circuit the process by seeking direct negotiations with the minister.

Secondly, you just can't compare the potential compensation for someone found not guilty of a crime versus 100 year plus old grievances over land confiscation and violence at the hands of state agents.

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