Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Who's it gonna be Botany?

So, Pansy Wong has done the honourable thing and resigned from parliament before causing the institution further damage. Now for the by-election in Botany next March (which, by the way, essentially confirms the Prime Minister will call the next general election for November).

As with the Mt Albert and Mana by-elections for the Labour selections, the Botany by election will largely be determined by the National candidate selection. Expect their party membership to increase. So the names put forward to be the National candidate matter most. Jami-Lee Ross has just announced his candidacy. Aaron Bhatnager announced yesterday.

Whaleoil provides some analysis. Personally I think this battle is between Aaron and Jami-Lee, and I think Aaron is the favourite - for want of a better word, he's "ethnic", an experienced city councillor and seasoned campaigner. However, Jami-Lee could swing things with his assurance that he will step down as an Auckland Councillor, albeit that will force another council by-election.

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