Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Anderton is right about DB

That's right - New Zealand's very own left wing dinosaur, Jim Anderton, is right. DB's ads about the invention of DB Export following the 1958 Black Budget are totally dishonest:
Rather than beating the system, Morton Coutts was doing exactly what the Labour government wanted – building up a strong manufacturing base and creating jobs for New Zealand workers.
Mind you, Rick Giles did point this out the other day. The funny thing is Steinlager, a competitor to DB Export (and far superior in my humble opinion) takes a different spin on the '58 black budget:
1958 Lion produces Steinecker in response to then Minister of Finance, Arnold Nordmeyer, who cut beer imports as part of his infamous Black Budget and challenged New Zealand brewers to compete by producing a lager of international quality.
Either DB's spinmeisters thought they needed to counter this or just wanted to tell a little tale.

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