Sunday, 10 October 2010

Super City results

Plenty of analysis elsewhere. A fairly left-wing council and Len Brown romping home. I predict Brown is going to have a very tough three years. His promises on the campaign trail for more spending on public transport will be difficult to reconcile with his promise to keep rates rises at inflation. Either there's going to be major savings made by the super city (which will require a lot of redundancies, fewer contractors and paying down the collective debt all the councils worked up) or Brown will have to break his promises on rate rises.

His first challenge will be finding a deputy mayor. I suspect it will be Mike Lee, the former Chairman of the Auckland Regional Council and a pretty competent leader. Lee has made a point of pushing for more spending on public transport. The other obvious choices are Penny Webster, former ACT MP and Rodney District Mayor, or George Wood, former Mayor of the North Shore.

The other interesting question is what John Banks does next. I doubt he'll want to fade out quite like this - and Guyon Espiner was suggesting this morning on Q+A that he might run for Epsom against ACT's Rodney Hide. I suspect the Prime Minister might be open to that suggestion, given that the super city results have been won by the left.

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