Thursday, 7 October 2010

Nick for Porirua

Looks like my old home town doesn't live up to its stereotype:
Porirua, population 51,500, has the fourth highest income per capita in the country, the lowest crime rate in the Wellington region and 91% of residents say their quality of life is good or extremely good.
Porirua's economy has steadily expanded over the past decade, growing at a faster rate than the Wellington region and the country.
Some 15,500 people are employed full-time across 3840 businesses, producing $1.33 billion in GDP.
The exit of subsidised and protected industries (Todd Motors being the biggest) during the 1990s hit Porirua hard. However, the business base of the city slowly recovered - and there's now some really innovative high-value exporters based there.

Nick Leggett is running for Mayor. Economic development is his top priority, along with making council more cost-effective by working with other councils in the region. I would vote for him.

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