Thursday, 21 October 2010


Kym Parsons is leader of the New Munster Party, a party advocating South Island independence. Mr Parsons is also a businessman, and good on him. He runs a transport company called Southlink Refrigerated Transport.

Its registered office? 202 Ponsonby Road, Auckland...



  1. And Ponsonby, of all locations in Auckland! But how did you get that address? I googled Southlink and got an address in Nelson. I was intrigued by the similarity between the name and logo of Parsons' company and that of an Aussie bus company: has Parsons the autarkist been looking abroad for ideas?

  2. Hi Skyler, it's from the Companies Office. It's probably his accountant or lawyer or the location of the trust that owns the company, but still he should be using a South Island firm if that's the case.


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